Retail Security:

Whatever your needs, from uniformed guards to plain clothes security officers, we have been supplying experienced and professional guards for numerous retail clients. From everyday occurrences such as retail theft to the sensitive handling of lost children or abusive patrons, customer care is constantly at the forefront of our security guard service. Trust Lockdown to always reflect the levels of professionalism and courtesy that shoppers expect from your brand.

Construction Site Security:

Safeguard your site with from theft, vandalism, and injury liability with a security guard detail package specifically tailored to your Chicago area location. With construction equipment theft now a $1 Billion/year problem, our mobile patrols and perimeter enforcement units focus on keeping your operating costs low and your safety standards high.

Commercial Security:

Warehouses, transport yards, parks; if a lack of security is a problem, we have the expertise and manpower to handle it in and around the Chicago area. We offer armed or unarmed guards and patrols to satisfy whatever your security and budget needs call for. From theft, strike management, fire watch security and vandalism prevention to central station and alarm monitoring, we can help lower your operating costs and bring piece of mind to your facility, employees and customers.

Residential Security:

residential communities require safe and secure environments for their residents and guests.  lockdown's team can customize a program to meet your property's unique needs using some of the following:  access control; security patrols; mobile patrols; crime prevention consultation

Executive Protection:

lockdown security has experience in providing personal protection services for corporate executives, celebrities and athletes. our team approach to individual security includes a comprehensive risk assessment that entails the understanding the level and look needed, then tailoring service and personnel for that exact fit.

Financial Institution Security:

Over the last 5 years there have been over 33,000 bank robberies resulting in a loss of over $335 million. approximately 93% of the banks targeted did not have security guards or off-duty police officers.

lockdown security provides security services financial institutions needs to ensure the safety and security their customers and staff desire.

School Security:

As certified school resource officers and active response coordinators, lockdown security specializes in providing your school with highly trained and qualified armed officers to reduce and deter violence in the school.

we also will provide vulnerability assessments, develop new master emergency response plans and provide training and exercises to your staff.

Special Event Security:

at lockdown security, we offer special event security services designed to handle any size public or private event. to ensure the best and most comprehensive coverage, we partner with your management and event staff to identify potential threats and develop effective strategies to meet them.  Our special event management team includes high ranking law enforcement leaders who trained with fema in incident management and have planned and executed various types of events.

Family Issues/Crisis Intervention:

lockdown security will conduct a domestic stand by for families undergoing unfortunate circumstances during separations and divorce proceedings.  we will stand by during attempts at mediation and property retrieval to ensure both aprties are safe and peace is kept.


our certified crime prevention specialist will survey and audit your property or business to identify threats and solutions to those threats. we will

  • identify general security concerns

  • current risk summary to determine strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and deficiencies

  • Review security policies and procedures

  • Provide solutions for our findings

Private Investigation:

We conduct investigations and background checks into personal, financial and legal matters.

Residency Investigation:

According to national studies, the average school spends approximately $63,000 annually on students who unlawfully enroll in school districts they don't reside in.  As the cost to educate students increases, efficient spending is paramount.  Lockdown Security, LLC has over 4 years of experience in residency investigations and over 30 years of law enforcement investigations.   Allow our licensed professionals to conduct your investigations and reduce any burden to your schools and budget caused by fraudulent students.

If you have any questions about our services, please call us at 312/384-9613 or fill out our contact form